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10 Things To Know About Our Service

1) The wants, needs and safety of your family comes first.
We pay WSIB and liability insurance – protecting our client and ourselves from costly accidents that may occur on the job site.
2) The people that work for us really make the experience.
Rarely has a client not raved about our team.
Our employees are respectful, helpful and caring people that take pride in their work – including an office manager that personally answers your calls.
3) We have your interests at heart for the long haul.
We offer a value driven product with fair pricing, that has allowed us to make your property beautiful and stand by our work for the last 38 years.
4) If you're unhappy – we will fix it.
If a product or service doesn’t hold as expected, we will address the issue. We believe good service isn’t about being flawless, but about finding solutions, if and when problems arise.
5) We love our clients and they love us.
You are the reason we exist and allow us to exercise our creativity and sustain a living. It gives us great joy to give you a product you adore and of course we always hope you come back for more.
6) We do this job because we love it!
“We landscape with our hearts, as well as our hands.” Each member of our team enjoys the art and creativity of designing outdoor spaces that our clients can enjoy.
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7) We excel at problem solving and DESIGNING hardscapes.
Our projects require very skilled and creative people. As landscape artists, our strength lies in both the designing, as well as the building of stunning brickwork, stonework, woodwork and water features.
8) We consider the word “can’t” a swear word.
Our creative and industrious team enjoys a good challenge and the reward of accomplishing a seemingly impossible task.
9) We’re not for everyone!
We set high standards for ourselves and only do quality work that we are proud to put our name on. We do not cut corners to offer the lowest bid.
10) We offer a maintenance program for our existing clients.
Often we compliment our work with the installation of low maintenance gardens with timed irrigation systems. Although, if you need professional expertise in looking after your landscaping, our staff can help you on a yearly, monthly, or weekly basis.

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From patios to outdoor kitchens, fire pits to ponds, pre-cast stone truly are one of the most versatile landscape products. With a vast selection of pre-cast products, we are able to provide our clients with an impressive array of possibilities.


With proper design and installation the diverse textures and natural elegance of stone ensure your garden transcends time. Stone can be utilized in many ways, to landscape patios, retaining or vanity walls or rockeries.

Water Features

Adding water to any garden instantly adds a magical attraction holding the fascination of both children and adults alike. The soothing sound of moving water masks unwanted noise and is a unique way to add a serene natural environment to your landscape.


Decks, arbours and fences are excellent additions to any property. With the incorporation of trellises, built-in benches, or handrails, the deck forms a connection between the natural landscapes and built architectural aspects of your property.